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1951 Jaguar XK120, chassis number 660296

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Kit Constable-Maxwell started his motoring career on the Midland Stock Car circuits in the mid fifties, racing Dodge, Buick and Chevrolets, when he was 14. He bought his first XK120 OTS (for 100) in 1960, to replace his then well-thrashed 1959 MGA1600.The XK's engine faltered at speed on the newly built M1, and the car was sold off, rattling horribly, to his erstwhile boss, Dick Protheroe. It underwent full Protheroe race preparation and is now in use in the UK.

The next XK120 followed in 1964 and was used as personal transport, school run and shopping car daily for the next 7 years. This was replaced by a Range Rover in 1972, and several more Land Rovers through the years.

Various other cars were restored, rebuilt, and most raced. These included a burnt out 1974 Lamborghini Espada, restored as new, (heart stopper, illustrated), an early Porsche 911S (lethal and fun, illustrated), 1976 Aston Martin DBS6 (awfully heavy) a 1960 Austin Healey 3000 (hell raiser) a 1929 Austin Ulster Special (cute) a 1966 E type 4.2 S1 (part restored) and a splendid 1959 XK150 OTS, well restored and well used. This is the one in the web-site picture.

The penultimate XK120 OTS was bought wrecked, for restoration as a competitor and hill-climber, and would be fitted with disc brakes, aero screens and 3.8 triple-carb engine conversion. After much work I sold it unfinished last November.

The last XK120 advertised here, has overtaken the time allocated for it's restoration, and is now offered for sale to fellow enthusiasts.

Cherished number, reserved on licence, is "6KX" which looks so good on an XK! Available separately, offers on £4,500.









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